Things To Avoid In Ios Printers

Processed and sent through tithe printer we do this because of thing snot being able to run concurrently on anions device then they really don’t have a lot of multitasking built in the operating system so we have to do this but i wanted to point this one out this situation specifically because when you’re logged on to citric receiver from your iPad you’re in the same situation where you’re going to have to print down through the iPad to your printer but you’re not going to have the app running.

so we do that through a push notification let’s so you can say there’s print paths that I laid out here there’s a lot more than this you get many greedy situations of types of printers and types of apps and what’s running where where the driver installation shows the complexity of what we’re handling but we’re handling it so you don’t need to know about any of this you’re going to see a printer queue haste user you’re going to print to it the print job is going to come out on the printer you don’t need to know.

where that print job has gone all this print job traffic is compressed so it’s passed around the network very quickly and it just works so let’s talk about some of the improvements we’ve made to ios printers already mentioned the name print issuing this open broadcast on the subcontinental so anyone can access this printer I like to use the example of RC when Talked about this he actually he’s areal huge apple fan he went out bough tone of the first i Pads when they first came out and after he started using twas getting used to it he decided oh here’s an application I want to print from on the iPad so he learned mountaineering he went out and he bought.

air print compatible printers SAT it on his desk and was able to print to it but he loved theipad so much so they actually went out and bought i Pads for everyone else in the company as we all started using these i Pads we came to the same-conclusion you know be great if we could print this document from the straight to the printer well let’s just-say that some people tried to do that and they selected this printer on the network that they saw they didn’t know where it was but they select it and printed.